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The UK wants to introduce “COVID passports” — media

The owner of the document will be the one who was vaccinated against the new type of coronavirus. Such a measure will allow more freedom to move around the country.

British authorities are discussing the possibility of introducing “COVID passports” for those who have been vaccinated against the new type of coronavirus. This was reported by The Sunday Times, citing its sources in the kingdom's government.

According to the newspaper, such a measure will allow the holders of the new document to move around the country more freely, including to make business trips, than those who refuse vaccination. It is expected that the corresponding decision can be announced in parliament on Monday by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson.

It is assumed that during his speech to legislators, the head of the British government will also inform about the end of the national quarantine in England from December 2 and the return to the system of local restrictions, but taking into account the introduction of more stringent measures in more cities. At the same time, according to the newspaper, at the end of December, the government will still allow the British to gather in small companies to celebrate Christmas, but then the strict measures will be returned and will continue to operate until the beginning of spring when mass vaccination of residents becomes possible.

Earlier, Pfizer began the registration process for the COVID vaccine. Pfizer and Biotech aim to produce more than 1.3 billion doses of coronavirus vaccines within a year.

It was also reported that the G20 countries are asking $5 billion for a COVID vaccine for poor countries. Adequate funding is needed for a global strategy to overcome the pandemic, GAVI said.

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