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Bill Gates predicted life after the COVID-19 pandemic

After the coronavirus pandemic, the world will face dramatic changes.

This was stated by the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates, reports Inc.

According to him, first of all, the changes will concern communication between people. So, if earlier it was the norm for us to communicate more personally, now remote communication will become a habit.

Also, there will be a significant improvement in communication tools, because remote communication will serve the rapid development of software.

The attitude towards offices will also change. Work will be more remote, this will allow companies to reduce the cost of renting and maintaining office space.

Also, due to the opportunity to work remotely, the attitude of employees towards their places of residence will also change. People will no longer spend a lot of money on rental housing or buying it. After all, you can simply leave the noisy metropolis for a quiet town.

Another change that awaits office workers is the ability to spend less time at work and more time communicating with family, friends, and family.

However, Gates is confident that in order to overcome the coronavirus pandemic, the world may take a long time.

By the way, Bill Gates recently compared people who refuse to wear masks to nudists.

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