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U.S. Army Corps Advanced Command begins work in Poland

The main task of the command will be the coordination of the actions of the ground forces of the Polish Armed Forces in Europe, the planning of operations and cooperation and synchronization of actions of the American forces with the troops of other NATO countries.

In the city of Poznan in western Poland, the command of the 5th US Army Corps officially began its activities, according to Polish Radio.

It is noted that it will be the only structure of this rank throughout Europe. Its main task will be to coordinate and oversee the United States ground forces, plan and synchronize the cooperation of American troops with the troops of NATO member countries.

The command will have more than 200 American servicemen led by a divisional general.

Polish Minister of National Defense Mariusz Blaszczak, commenting to journalists, said that the presence of the advanced command in Poland is a guarantee of scaring off a potential aggressor.

We will remind, in August, Poland, and the United States signed a military agreement, which will increase the US military presence in Poland by about 1000 people.

Earlier, Warsaw and Washington have identified the locations of some new units of US troops in Poland.

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