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TOP 6 unusual technologies of our time

In everyday life, we are accustomed to many things and do not even think about what could be somehow different. Or in general, we consider the alternative option absurd. But not everyone does this, and many inventors have already put into practice their, at first glance, strange ideas. And it turned out that it really simplifies life and makes it more comfortable.

1. Rambler Socket — remote socket

Externally, the remote outlet looks like an ordinary one. / Photo: ajeuskom.com

The idea of a remote outlet seems absurd at first glance. If necessary, we use extension cords. Designer Meysam Movahedi found this inconvenient and developed the concept of a remote outlet by incorporating an extension cord into it. The principle of its operation is very simple: the cord is folded into the cavity behind the socket and, if necessary, is easily stretched. After use, the wire is slightly tightened, and the spring mechanism winds it back to the reel.

Remote outlets are a non-standard approach, but they are really convenient when extension cords are not needed on an ongoing basis, and the absence of extra wires makes life more comfortable. The only minus — under them you have to hollow out a cavity in the wall.

2. Shoppers calculator — a shopping cart with a calculator

A trolley with a calculator helps you calculate the purchase amount. / Photo: i.redd.it

Shopping is a fascinating thing, no matter what we go to the store, at least for groceries, at least for small things. And often at the checkout, we are surprised at the value of purchases voiced by the cashier. Of course, you can try to calculate the amount at home, but it will only be approximately. And constantly getting a smartphone in the supermarket or holding it in your hands to read on a calculator is customary, but honestly, uncomfortable. A simple but truly ingenious idea solves this problem. A trolley with a calculator on the handle allows you to quickly calculate the total amount of goods purchased.

3. Let’s pizza — a freshly baked pizza from a vending machine

The Let’s Pizza vending machine bakes pizza from scratch. / Photo: romania-insider.com

When there is a desire to try the aromatic, freshly baked pizza, we place an order with delivery and wait a while until it is baked and brought to your home. It would seem, what kind of pizza can be from a vending machine? Only the semi-finished product. But an Italian entrepreneur from the commune of Rovereto decided to combine vending and cooking pizza. And he did it.

Claudio Torghele has developed a machine that issues a customer order in 3 minutes. Its peculiarity is that it does not defrost a ready-to-cook semi-finished product, but cooks completely from scratch. The machine kneads the dough, adds the ingredients of the filling, depending on the option chosen by the client, and while the pizza is baked, it prepares a box for delivery.

The machine puts out the filling, depending on the selected menu.

Vending is very developed in Western countries, where you can buy literally everything in vending machines: food, clothes, accessories, gadgets, souvenirs, and even make a manicure. In Russia, there is no such diversity, and in general, machines are still inferior in popularity to kiosks. But the vending market is developing, and it is very promising because one machine in our country accounts for 1,500 Russians. In the USA, for example, 1 machine is for 40 people, and in Norway — for 60. Vending is especially popular in the country of the Rising Sun, where 1 machine is in 20 Japanese.

4. Tannus Tires — Solid Bike Tires

With tires, Tannus Tires' punctures are not terrible. / Photo: newsons.ca

It is unlikely that there would be a cyclist who avoided meeting a sharp object on the road, and for sure at that moment each of them wondered what the problem was of making solid tires that were not afraid of punctures. The idea was always in the air, but three factors were an obstacle: the weight of the rubber, poor cushioning and low rolling resistance, as well as a high probability of slipping off the rim with a strong lateral load.

Solid tires do not need to be inflated. / Photo: newsons.ca

The Korean company Tannus Tires did not save difficulties and solved the problem by developing and patenting Aither polymer. Tires from it are created integral — they do not need to be inflated and you can forever forget about punctures and stocks. Lightweight, wear-resistant material is well absorbed and “clings” to the road surface. Thanks to these properties, tires made of the polymer are not inferior to pneumatic analogs in their driving characteristics. They are mounted on almost any rim and hold securely thanks to a special mounting system.

5. Toepener — foot handle for the door

Foot Toepener. / Photo: images.squarespace-cdn.com

Traditionally, we open the door, grabbing the handle with our hand. It's trivial and unhygienic, decided Max Arndt, an American student from the University of Minnesota, and suggested another option — to open the door with his foot. This is convenient in many cases, for example, when the cleanliness of the door handle causes strong doubts or the hands are trivially busy with something. Arndt named the device Toepener, patented and founded a company selling the product.

The accessory is made of durable stainless steel, and its design is surprisingly simple, literally too indecent. No design: plain gray metal plate equipped with a handle. Mounted at the bottom of the door with four screws. Interestingly, despite the price of $39.95, the product is in demand.

A foot grip can be convenient in many situations.

6. Luminous Bike Path

Luminous bike path in the Polish city of Lidzbark Warminsky. / Photo: meteoweb.eu

For the comfortable passage of cyclists in cities, bicycle paths are equipped. The design is different, but all of them are united by the fact that at night it is inconvenient and unsafe to ride them. In the Polish city of Lidzbark-Warmiński, they found an effective and at the same time effective solution — the surface of the bike path was made of phosphor. The peculiarity of the material is that it is charged during the day from sunlight and converts energy into light at night. This increases the safety of cyclists and looks beautiful, decorating the landscape. The project is still in test mode, and if the phosphor tolerates winter weather well, there will be more luminous paths.

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