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New 4 sectors of the economy will be leaders in the next decade

According to a study conducted by the Swiss bank UBS, the ten-year leadership of the technology and consumer sectors in the global market is ending and a new 10-year period of dominance of four economic sectors begins, which the bank's experts advise investors to pay attention to.

First of all, this is the sphere of 5G networks development. In the next 10 years, fast internet will drive the rapid transformation of companies. Those who are already building and installing 5G towers, as well as smartphone manufacturers, will be successful. With the support of 5G networks, industries such as autonomous driving, telesurgery, virtual reality, and others will rapidly develop.

The researchers named financial technologies as the second successful area. Companies using technology and innovation compete successfully with traditional financial institutions such as banks. Popular with young people for digital payments, UBS estimates that these companies will grow the fastest. The range of their services will expand due to online lending, investment, and insurance technologies.

The third leading sector will be healthcare optimization, which will be ensured after the COVID-19 pandemic by reducing costs and improving the quality of healthcare services.

The fourth important area will be green technologies, the introduction of which will help to reduce carbon emissions.

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