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The Bundestag did not accept the statement on Nord Stream 2

The Bundestag did not accept the statement on Nord Stream 2

The German parliament did not accept the initiative of the Alternative for Germany party in support of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. According to the data on the Bundestag website, only 83 deputies supported the statement, 556 were against.

In a rejected statement, MPs called on the government to ensure the completion of the project. It was indicated that the gas pipeline will increase the energy security of Germany and Europe as a whole and will serve common interests, as it diversifies gas supplies to the region.

During the discussion, most of the parties, except for the Greens, generally supported the position expressed in the statement. But at the same time, the speakers pointed out that the new statement will not help the construction in any way, therefore there is no point in it.

A month ago, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas announced that the Nord Stream 2 project would be completed.

Construction of the pipeline stopped almost a year ago due to US sanctions. And new restrictions by Washington, which are to be adopted in the near future, may “bury” the project.

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