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In Germany, several people were stabbed

Some victims with stab wounds were taken to intensive care. Doctors are now fighting for the life of one of them.

Several people were injured in an attack by a man with a cold weapon in the western German city of Oberhausen. This was announced on Thursday, November 19, by WAZ.

It is noted that some victims were taken to intensive care.

According to the police, the attack took place on Thursday, around 19.00 in the Arndstrasse area.

The alleged offender was arrested by the police. He was also injured and is now in the hospital. Whether his identity has been established is still unknown.

Der Spiegel magazine, citing the local police, informed that it seems to be about a domestic conflict.

According to the newspaper, the Oberhausen police have requested reinforcements from the city of Essen to conduct an investigation.

Earlier it was reported that in Britain a man stabbed two paramedics. The injured health workers were seriously injured.

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