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Japanese retirees began to wear exoskeletons

Making an economic miracle for the Japanese is like taking a walk in the park. These amazing people are unusually hardworking. Even pensioners do not sit still, and they still want to work. To prevent elderly Japanese from harming their health, they began to use exoskeletons in order to continue to work in old age. Devices make it easy to carry weights and relieve stress on the spine, legs and arms, writes New Scientist.

It is reported that exoskeletons were the response of technology companies to an aging population. For example, Innophys has created a special backpack that can be charged manually by squeezing the pump 30 times — this will pump the “muscles” of air for work. In the finished state, the device allows people to effortlessly lift up to 24 kilograms of weight. One exoskeleton will cost about $1,300.

Innophys said that one of the clients was a family-owned company that produces and sells pickled radishes. With the help of an exoskeleton, the head of the family was able to continue working with heavyweight despite his 70 years of age. It is worth noting that Japan is considered one of the oldest nations in the world. According to the American Bureau of Population Research from 2015, the country had the largest percentage of people over 65 years old — 26%.

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