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A COVID-19 patient dies every 17 seconds in Europe

In Europe, the number of cases of coronavirus is approaching 16 million, of which 355 thousand were fatal, WHO calculated.

WHO has recorded almost 16 million cases of coronavirus in Europe, among which almost 355 thousand are fatal. This was announced by the director of the WHO European Office Hans Kluge on Thursday, November 19.

Europe now accounts for 28% of the world's infections and 26% of deaths. In the past two weeks, deaths from coronavirus in Europe have increased by 18%. More than 29 thousand deaths were recorded in Europe last week.

“That is, in Europe, every 17 seconds, one person dies from COVID-19. Now in Europe, an average of 4,500 people die from COVID-19 every day. This can be avoided if we all act,” said Kluge.

He also noted that WHO is registering more and more signals of congestion in health systems in Europe. For example, in France, the intensive care wards were over 95% loaded for 10 days, and in Switzerland — at full capacity.

Earlier, the WHO said that closing schools do not help in the fight against the pandemic. Elementary schools should remain open, the organization said, as children do not contribute to the spread of the coronavirus.

Also, the WHO called a condition under which strict lockdowns can be excluded, which the organization's representatives consider to be an extreme measure.

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