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The US imposed sanctions against two Russian companies

Companies based in Russia have come under US sanctions against North Korea for exporting forced labor.

The US Treasury has included two Russian companies on the list of sanctions against the DPRK. This was reported by the press service of the department on Thursday, November 19.

The general trading company Cholsan of the DPRK, operating in Russia and North Korea, and Mokran LLC, registered in St. Petersburg, were sanctioned.

“The actions concern two legal entities: Mokran LLC, a Russian construction company, and the DPRK Cholsan General Trading Company, a North Korean company operating in Russia,” the statement said.

As noted in the US Treasury, the companies “were involved in, facilitated or are responsible for the export of forced labor from North Korea, including export for profit for the North Korean government or the Korean Workers' Party.”

“A network of Russian companies under the name Cholsan requested and received work permits for North Korean workers so that they could enter Russia and work there,” the ministry added.

“Countries that still host North Korean workers should send these workers home,” said US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin.

He stressed that US actions are aimed at fulfilling UN resolutions and ensuring the operation of US sanctions against the DPRK. The restrictions provide for a ban on American individuals and legal entities from doing business with those on the list.

Recall that in June, the DPRK Foreign Ministry said that at the moment the relations between the US and North Korea are hopeless.

It was also reported that Trump extended sanctions against North Korea. The measures are aimed at preventing the DPRK from spreading weapons of mass destruction and their delivery vehicles.

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