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Jennifer Lopez spoke about the relationship with Alex Rodriguez

Not so long ago, 51-year-old singer Jennifer Lopez launched her own cosmetics brand JLo Beauty, and her initiative, of course, did not go unnoticed by the business community. The singer received an award from the WSJ, and Jennifer appeared on the cover of the November issue of the magazine.

In an interview with reporters, she talked about how quarantine affected her, as well as about her relationship with her fiance Alex Rodriguez (by the way, he was the one who inspired her to create the brand). Here are the most interesting quotes from Lopez's interview.

Jennifer Lopez spoke about the relationship with Alex Rodriguez

About her relationship with Alex Rodriguez

I think what unites us most is our belief that there are no boundaries. You can do everything. I have always believed in this, but Alex helped me to finally realize it. We both have this trait when we just ask ourselves, "Well, why not? Why can't we build not one multi-billion dollar business, but three or four? Why can't we buy the New York Mets baseball club?"

About empowering women

I feel young and strong and I want to show women how to be strong. There was a lot of symbolism in my Super Bowl performance. I wanted to climb to the top of the Empire State Building, like King Kong, and beat myself in the chest, "I'm here!" It is a very powerful gesture to use your femininity and sensuality. We are here and we are important. We deserve a level playing field. You must reckon with us.

About how she quarantined with children

I really enjoyed being at home and having dinner with the kids every night, which I probably never did. And the children talked to me about what they like and whatnot, in the way we live. It was just a revelation for me and a revaluation of many things. You thought you were doing everything well, but you always have no time, and you work, and they go to school, and then we all sit in our gadgets. We provide them with this wonderful life, but at the same time, they need us. They need us in other ways as well. We must slow down and pay more attention to them, be included in their lives. And, you know, I don't want to miss anything.

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