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Obama's book breaks records on the first day of sales

The former American leader's “Story of an Incredible Odyssey” set a record for first-day sales. A record number of copies were sold.

The first volume of the book of the 44th US President Barack Obama, A Promised Land, set records on the first day of sales. During the day, 887 thousand copies of the book were sold in the USA and Canada, CNN reports, citing the publisher Penguin Random House.

According to the publisher, this result represents “the highest first-day sales for any book ever published” by the company.

3.4 million hardcovers printed for the United States and Canada.

In the book, the former head of the White House tells “the story of his incredible odyssey from a young man seeking himself as a person to the leader of the free world.”

Barack Obama's work has surpassed the sales of his wife Michelle's memoir — Becoming, which was published three years ago. Then on the first day of sales 725 thousand copies were sold.

It is known that in his book Promised Land Obama mentioned Russia.

We also recall that the names of books, sales of which skyrocketed during the pandemic. This came as a huge surprise even to the publisher itself.

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