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Germany adopts amendments that spark protests in Berlin

German lawmakers are tightening the law on protection against infectious diseases. This initiative sparked massive protests.

Despite protests in Berlin, the German parliament on Wednesday, November 18, passed amendments to the law on protection against infectious diseases.

The amendments must be approved by the House of Representatives of the federal states of Germany.

The adopted amendments are intended to agree on the conditions under which restrictions will come into force in the next outbreaks of coronavirus.

With this in Germany, they believe that the amendments restrict fundamental rights and freedoms and thus constitute a violation of the constitution.

Thousands of people protested against this decision in the center of Berlin, the security forces used water cannons against them, and about 200 people were detained.

“We had to disperse the demonstration because the calls to respect the rules of distance and protection were not heeded,” said police spokesman Thilo Kablitz.

Now the central streets at the Brandenburg Gate are closed, the police are at the scene. Some protesters leave, but many still remain at the place of the action.

We will remind, on the eve in Paris, the police used tear gas and water cannons during clashes at a protest rally.

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