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Bill Gates compared those who refuse to wear a mask to nudists

Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who five years ago warned about the threat of a new virus pandemic, compared people who refuse to wear masks to nudists.

This was reported by Business Insider.

According to him, it is now absolutely clear that the benefits of wearing masks are “gigantic”. He also stressed that wearing them contributes to the resumption of economic activity.

“Are they nudists? You are asked to wear pants. No American — well, very few Americans — says it looks like something terrible,” he said.

Gates noted that doctors did not expect such high effectiveness of masks in the early stages of the pandemic, since they were based on data on other respiratory diseases — for example, colds and flu. In the case of these diseases, the infection can occur when people cough, while COVID-19 can be transmitted simply by talking.

In the situation with most other respiratory viruses, there is no inherent COVID-19 “incredible viral load”, said the billionaire.

Earlier, Bill Gates gave a disappointing outlook regarding the coronavirus vaccine.

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