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Capsules for fake virginity on their wedding night for $50

In India, Amazon found itself in the midst of a scandal after the public found out that it was selling capsules for fake virginity on their wedding night. The newlywed was recommended to introduce a pill with red contents into the vagina a couple of hours before the planned sexual intercourse — and at the crucial moment, scarlet bloomed on the sheet. The manufacturer guaranteed the complete dissolution of the capsule and absolute safety for the health of the user.

And with virginity in India, it’s strict — if the young woman turned out to be not an immaculate girl, then in the best case her family should pay compensation, in the worst case — the newlywed is forced to walk on hot coals or kept underwater until she becomes ill.

It is reported that the capsules were sold in India at 3600 rupees ($50), but after the hype, this product was removed from sale.

It is worth noting that Amazon has been selling similar products in its European store for many years with the German company VirginiaCare. Similar capsules for fake virginity are also available in Chinese Alibaba.

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