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US troops will be recalled from three countries

Donald Trump, who is losing the presidential election in the United States, may withdraw the American military contingent from three countries of the world - Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia.

This is reported by Reuters, citing its own sources in the American administration.

It is noted that the final decision on this matter has not yet been made, but the Pentagon may receive an appropriate order today.

Initially, Trump was going to withdraw troops from Afghanistan completely by Catholic Christmas, which is celebrated on December 25, but in the end, he agreed to a partial withdrawal of troops.

In addition, the head of the White House will issue a decree to reduce the American presence in Iraq — from 3,000 to 2,500 troops.

Also, the acting US Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller plans to abandon a large deployment of forces in Somalia, where US troops are helping to fight terrorists from the Al-Shabaab group. The head of the Pentagon plans to withdraw most of the 700 US military in the country.

About three weeks ago, US troops had already left several cities in Somalia.

Recall that the media also learned about Trump's intention to launch a missile strike at a nuclear facility in Iran, which could unleash a war with that country.

Also “inherited” by Democrat Joe Biden, who defeats him in the presidential election, Trump plans to introduce new tough measures against China before the end of his presidential term.

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