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In Britain, unknown robbed a truck with Apple goods worth £5 million

In Britain, unknown robbed a truck with Apple goods worth £5 million

The attackers stopped a truck on the highway, tied up the driver and the guard, and then loaded the productions onto their truck.

In the UK, unknown assailants robbed a truck, stealing £5 million worth of Apple products ($6.62 million). This was reported by the Sky News TV channel on Tuesday, November 17.

The incident occurred on November 10 on the M1 highway linking London to the north of the country. The intruders stopped a truck moving towards London at about 20:00, tied the driver and the guard, and then drove the truck to a quiet street. There, they loaded 48 pallets of Apple products onto their truck and fled, leaving the robbed people tied up.

Police found a truck of robbers in Lutterworth, Warwickshire. The investigation believes that they transferred the goods to a third vehicle. The police asked everyone who might have witnessed the crime to provide additional details of the incident.

The robbery happened on the day that Apple introduced its own processor for computers and laptops. It is noted that by coincidence it has the same name as the route on which the corporation's products were stolen — M1.

Recall that earlier in Portugal, the house of Cristiano Ronaldo was robbed. The total cost of Ronaldo's residence in Portuguese Madeira is estimated at seven million pounds.

It was also reported that in France, collectors were robbed of several million euros. As a result of the incident, no one was injured, but millions of euros were stolen from the collection vehicle.

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