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Trump was about to attack the Iranian nuclear facility

The closest advisers to US President Donald Trump managed to convince him of the inexpediency of attacking Iran's nuclear facility. This is reported by The New York Times, citing anonymous sources.

The publication writes that Trump asked his advisers at a meeting in the Oval Office last Thursday "if he has options for taking action against Iran's main nuclear facility in the coming weeks."

The meeting, which was attended by Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milli, took place the day after IAEA inspectors reported a 12-fold uranium stockpile in Iran. ...

Cabinet attendees reportedly warned Trump that the strike on Iranian targets "could easily escalate into a wider conflict in the final weeks of his presidency."

According to the newspaper, the strike "almost certainly" would have been aimed at the Iranian nuclear facility in Natanz.

Recall that US President Donald Trump claims that Joe Biden's victory in the election was rigged.

Trump previously said his headquarters had received several affidavits of electoral fraud.

In addition, representatives of the headquarters of the candidate from the Democratic Party, Joseph Biden, sent a request for recognition as elected President of the United States to the oversight department in the American administration.

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