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Media: in-state Georgia, during the recount, 2.6 thousand unaccounted votes were found

Presumably, votes were not counted due to a problem with a ballot scanner in one of the counties in the state.

The recount of votes in the US presidential elections in the US state of Georgia revealed over 2.6 thousand unaccounted votes in one of the constituencies. On Monday, November 16, the newspaper Atlanta Journal-Constitution writes.

According to the newspaper, the discovered ballots could help US President Donald Trump close the gap from Democratic candidate Joe Biden, who was previously elected US president.

Georgia's Election Commissioner Gabriel Sterling believes this was not a technical glitch and has called for the resignation of the head of the electoral committee of the district where the ballots were found.

At the moment, according to TV channels, Biden's gap from Trump exceeds 14 thousand votes.

It is noted that in other districts of the state, the recount has not yet revealed a significant difference in the number of votes.

State Georgia, with 16 electors, is one of four states that can determine the outcome of a US presidential election until a winner is announced there.

The US presidential election was held on November 3. Counting is still ongoing, but Democratic candidate Joe Biden has already announced his victory.

Recall that US President Donald Trump called the recount in-state Georgia “fake.”

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