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Trump's adviser first public announcement of Biden's victory

As President Donald Trump continues to refuse to admit defeat in the election, his national security adviser has effectively acknowledged the victory of his Democrat rival Joe Biden.

Reported by Reuters.

Speaking on November 16 at the Global Security Forum, Trump ally Robert O'Brien admitted that he hoped for a victory for his boss, but is willing to work with Biden's team and vice-president-elect Kamala Harris.

“If Biden and Harris determine the winners, and judging by what we have, obviously, it will be so, we will ensure a professional transit of power in the National Security Council. There is no doubt about that,” O'Brien said.

In addition, he noted the professionalism of Biden's future national security team.

“It's great that we are in the United States. We passed the baton (authorities), And we had a peaceful, successful transit even in the most difficult times,” added Trump's adviser.

It is worth noting that the US elections were held on November 3, but the name of the winner is still unknown, but, judging by the preliminary results, Biden is significantly ahead of Trump.

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