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The media learned about Biden's plans for Nord Stream 2

Joe Biden, who has declared himself the newly elected President of the United States, wants to stop the Russian project Nord Stream-2 forever, writes on Monday, November 16, the German edition of Bild.

“Joe Biden will tighten the reins again over the next few months to stop the Kremlin’s prestigious project,” the article says.

The publication recalls that the US Senate has already agreed on the most severe sanctions against active supporters of the project. These sanctions will be implemented in January by the winner of the presidential race.

According to Bild, European gas experts believe that the new US sanctions “not only delay the construction of Nord Stream 2 but could permanently end it under Joe Biden,” despite the fact that 95% of the pipes have already been laid.

It is noted that Biden, back in 2016, was the first high-ranking US official to condemn the Russian project, and his opponents are also Republicans and Democrats.

“President-elect Biden has long held the view that this project is an act of self-harm to the security and resilience of the entire NATO alliance,” said former NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

Energy law expert Alan Riley believes that the sanctions are only part of the new US president's strategy to suspend the pipeline. According to him, Biden “unlike Donald Trump, is able to develop a strategy to obtain German support for the blockade of Nord Stream 2.”

Biden can offer Germany a “comprehensive package of security measures for green energy”, which “eliminates the need to use gas from Russia and replaces it with renewable resources,” the expert is sure.

The authoritative publication Bloomberg previously wrote about the doom of Nord Stream 2 after the introduction of new US sanctions.

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