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Democrats threaten to forcibly obtain documents on Trump's contacts with Ukraine

Congressmen wrote inquiries for a whole month, starting on September 9

US Congress / Photo: AFP

Democrats in the US House of Representatives threatened the White House to forcibly receive entries through the official agenda related to President Trump’s possible pressure on Ukraine, as the administration ignored the request for voluntary submission of these documents.

This is stated in a letter of the memorandum signed by the head of the Committee for Oversight and Reforms with the support of the heads of other committees that are conducting an investigation into the impeachment of the US president.

“Over the past few weeks, the committees have tried several times to voluntarily receive answers to our requests for documents, but the White House refused to not only do this but even give an answer to the committees,” the letter said on October 2.

It is recalled that the congressmen wrote inquiries for a whole month, starting on September 9. Democrats also added a draft official agenda to the letter, which requires the compulsory submission of documents.

“The White House’s frank ignoring of numerous requests for voluntary provision of documents, combined with harsh and urgent warnings by the Inspector General (Intelligence Community) about the seriousness of these allegations leaves us with no choice but to force them into this agenda,” the document emphasizes.

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