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Trump claims “gruesome electoral irregularities” and threatens lawsuits

The American leader is confident that there have been falsifications in favor of the Democrats in a number of regions.

American leader Donald Trump has promised that the number of court cases across the country over the counting of votes in the November 3 presidential elections will only increase. In his opinion, the elections in the country were held with “terrible violations.” On Sunday, November 15, he wrote about this on his Twitter account.

Trump claims “gruesome electoral irregularities” and threatens lawsuits

“Many of the lawsuits that are pending across the country are not ours, but rather people who have witnessed gruesome abuses. Our serious lawsuits showing the unconstitutionality of the 2020 elections and outrage at what was done to change the results will soon be launched ! “ — wrote Trump.

Recall that on November 13, the United States finished counting votes in all states. The winner of the presidential election was Democratic candidate Joe Biden — he received 306 electoral votes against 270 required. His Republican rival Donald Trump received 232 votes.

On November 7, American media announced Joe Biden's victory in the US presidential election when he won 270 electoral votes thanks to his victory in Pennsylvania. Trump has promised to challenge the election results in courts.

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