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Trump called the manual recount a “waste of time” and urged him to stop

The incumbent President of the United States, Republican Donald Trump, has called for a halt to the manual recount in Georgia. He wrote about this on his Twitter account.

Trump said it was necessary to suspend the counting of votes until election commissions begin to verify the signatures on the mailed ballots with those that voters left at registration.

He stated that the manual recount that is taking place in Georgia is a waste of time. “They don't show matching signatures,” Trump explained.

On November 11, Georgia, one of the key US states in the presidential elections, announced a full manual recount. It is noted that the final results of the voting in the region will be announced only on November 20. The state’s announcement came after US Attorney General William Barr ordered an investigation into allegations of election fraud. States must settle all procedures, including recounts and litigation over results, by December 8th.

Democrat Joe Biden proclaimed himself elected President of the United States on November 7 — according to various estimates, he received from 273 to 290 electoral votes against the required 270. Trump responded by saying that his rival was in a hurry to call himself the new president.

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