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Two people killed in the attack in France

In France, a man attacked residents of the Cholet commune in the west of the country, killing two people. This is reported by the radio station Europe 1.

First, a 35-year-old malefactor, known to the police for a number of offenses, attacked a man in the lobby of the house where he lived. He hit the victim several times on the head, as a result of which she died. Then the perpetrator went to the park, where he attacked an 83-year-old man — he died on the way to the hospital — and an 81-year-old woman — she was treated on the spot, and her life is not in danger.

After that, the attacker returned to his apartment, where he was detained by the police. According to preliminary information from investigators, this is not yet a terrorist crime. The motives for the attack have not yet been established. Law enforcers are investigating whether the criminal had a weapon.

On October 31, in Lyon, a man attacked the Orthodox priest Nicholas Kakavalakis. The attacker shot him twice with a hunting rifle and then fled. As a result, the priest was seriously injured. Later, the police detained a 40-year-old Georgian man, Georgy P. He admitted that he had shot an Orthodox priest out of revenge since he allegedly had an intimate relationship with his 35-year-old wife.

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