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Trump prepared to leave office on condition

US President Donald Trump prepared to leave office on condition that his rival, Democratic candidate Joe Biden, won the election honestly and legally. This was announced by the presenter of Fox News, Geraldo Rivera, after a conversation with the current head of state.

“Trump told me that he was a realist and would do the right thing,” Riviera said. He noted that Trump created the complete impression that if the situation does not turn out in his favor, if all legally cast votes are counted, and all illegal ones are rejected, then he will follow the Constitution.

The journalist added that he did not get the impression that Trump was planning to overthrow Biden if he wins. “Trump is upset but still strong. He wants to do everything he can to make sure it's a fair outcome, ”Riviera explained, adding that Trump will once again rise to the occasion and go running for president in 2024.

Earlier, Trump admitted for the first time that the next American administration would not be headed by him, but by his rival, Democrat Joe Biden. He also noted that the administration will not close due to restrictive measures in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.

On November 7, Biden, who received 290 electoral votes against 270 required, declared himself President-elect of the United States. Trump, in turn, said he hopes to regain his leading position in several states through the courts. He believes that Biden hastened to call himself the new leader of the country since the elections have not yet ended.

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