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Longest passenger flight in the world

On the world's longest passenger flight, you can sleep 8 hours, watch a few movies, read a book, have a few snacks, and still be in the air ...

At the end of 2018, the national Singapore air carrier Singapore Airlines is going to launch a Singapore-New York passenger flight, which will last more than 20 hours one way! Currently, the record for the longest passenger flight — 18 hours — belongs to Qatar Airways, which operates a flight from Auckland, New Zealand to Doha, the capital of Qatar.

Passengers will be served by an aircraft of the Airbus-A350 class of ULR (Ultra-Long Range) modification, which differs from the standard version by a modified fuel system, which will increase the airbus's flight range by 1800 km. It is stated that the Airbus-A350URL is capable of covering a distance of 16,000 kilometers, carrying up to two hundred passengers on board.

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