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Trump told when his election victory will become evident

The head of the White House is confident that in a couple of weeks he will turn the tide and prove his victory in the elections.

US President Donald Trump said that in a couple of weeks his victory in the current US presidential election will become obvious. He said this in an interview with the Washington Examiner, which was published on Friday, November 13.

So, Trump said that after summing up the final results of the elections, he will be given victory in a number of key states, which will decide the outcome of the entire race.

The head of the White House expressed confidence that he will win in Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, according to the general forecasts of the American media, operating with the conclusions of political scientists and other specialists, the victory of Trump's rival, Democrat Joseph Biden, in some of these states is beyond doubt.

When asked by a journalist about how quickly he could turn the tide, Trump said: “I don't know. Probably two weeks, three weeks.”

The author of the material noted that Trump clearly understands what position he is in. “He heard many people told him that everything was over and called to admit [defeat],” the publication says. It emphasizes that Trump is not going, at least for the time being, to follow such advice. “Never bet against me,” the American leader told a journalist in this regard.

We will remind, the current US President Donald Trump said that 2.7 million votes were “stolen” from him in the presidential elections, another 435 thousand votes were transferred to Democrat Joseph Biden.

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