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Rudolph Giuliani released the findings of his trip to Ukraine in the case of impeachment Trump

While the U.S. House of Representatives is already beginning to vote for the impeachment of Donald Trump on the American cable television channel One America News (OAN), a film was released by his lawyer Rudy Giuliani, designed to debunk the Trump impeachment case.

In order to make a film, Giuliani traveled to Kyiv, Budapest, and Vienna, where he talked with Ukrainian politicians.

The former US Attorney General Yury Lutsenko and Viktor Shokin, People’s Deputy Andrei Derkach, a former employee of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine Andrei Telizhenko, former People’s Deputy Andrei Artemenko and former CEC Chairman Mikhail Okhendovsky help the American president’s personal lawyer to refute impeachment.

In the announcement of the program, they are called “key Ukrainian officials”, who talked about how “the Democratic Party contributed to Kyiv’s interference in the 2016 US elections.”

He is not guilty

“After hundreds of hours and months of research, I gathered witnesses and documents that reveal the truth behind this impeachment and show that Donald Trump has not committed offenses,” Giuliani begins.

According to Giuliani, corruption in Ukraine in 2016 was so widespread that Trump's duty was to ask for an American-Ukrainian investigation. That is as if there was no pressure. It was Trump who was so worried about our corruption.

“Extortion, bribery and money laundering go beyond the scope of Biden’s case. In addition, the conspiracy of the National Committee of the Democratic Party with Ukraine in order to destroy candidate Trump,” said the lawyer of the American president.


“Fired for Biden’s threats to detain $1 billion of vital US aid. Shokin’s medical records show that he was poisoned, died twice, but recovered. In Ukraine, if it opens, a lot of goals will fly,” Giuliani describes the former Ukrainian Attorney General.

In an investigation of One America News, Shokin is presented as the groundlessly dismissed Attorney General, who is now forced to undergo intensive treatment due to the mysterious mercury poisoning. The authors demonstrate a certificate from a certain Austrian clinic — it allegedly indicates that mercury was found in Shokin's blood in an amount four times higher than the toxic level.

Shokin in the film says that the Burisma investigation “went well” until the US ambassador to Ukraine, Jeffrey Payette, “intervened” — “indirectly, but explicitly.” “It was not clear to me why the ambassador of another country is trying to intervene in the investigation of a sovereign state,” said Shokin.

Petro Poroshenko allegedly personally asked the ex-head of the GPU to curtail the investigation of Burisma, referring to the demand of Joe Biden, then vice president of the United States. Shokin claims that this was directly tied to the allocation of 1 billion US dollars of credit for Ukraine.

Shokin believes that Biden’s pressure on Poroshenko because of the case was the only reason for his dismissal.

At the same time, the suspicions of Shokin’s corruption in the film are presented as unfounded: not a single case was opened against him, the authors of the film claim. They also criticize the Ukrainian media and anti-corruption public organizations that denounced Shokin for alleged bias and mutual responsibility.


“Lutsenko fought on the eastern borders of Ukraine with his wife and sons, reflecting the attacks of Russian tanks and defending the sovereignty of Ukraine,” — this is how Yuri Vitalyevich is represented in the American film.

The former Attorney General reiterated his long-standing allegations that the US Embassy was trying to intervene in its work and impose a list of “inviolable”.

“I have bad news for Madame Jovanovic. Here is an official letter of request for cooperation in investigating the money laundering case. And in Congress, she said that she didn’t receive anything. She lied,” Lutsenko said and showed the document on October 16, 2017, to the camera of the year.


Derkach claims he has incriminating evidence on Biden and NABU.

“NABU was controlled by the US Embassy. And when Jovanovic was called the anti-corruption champion in Congress, half of Ukraine laughed. Under Jovanovic and President Poroshenko, there was even more corruption, and even more, money was stolen than they did before,” Derkach said in an interview, Giuliani.


Former CEC head Mikhail Ohendovsky calls into question the veracity of the “black bookkeeping” of the Party of Regions, which allegedly featured his signature. Because of this data, among other things, Paul Manafort, the former head of Trump's campaign headquarters, was convicted of fraud and money laundering.

The former deputy from the Radical Party Andrei Artemenko also assured the authors of the film that the barn book of PR is nothing more than a fake.

A former employee of the U.S. Embassy Andrei Telizhenko in the film repeated his previous allegations about Ukraine’s alleged interference in the U.S. elections in 2016. Allegedly, the Ukrainian embassy in the United States then tried to discredit Trump and Manafort in favor of Hillary Clinton.

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