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Trump said that millions of votes were stolen from him in the election

US President Donald Trump said on Twitter that 2.7 million votes were stolen from him during the presidential election across the country. In particular, in the state of Pennsylvania, 221 thousand votes cast for the current President were counted in favor of the Democratic candidate Joe Biden. And the Dominion electronic voting system counted 435 thousand votes cast for trump as votes for Biden.

Currently, none of the US presidential candidates has received the necessary number of electoral votes to win. Vote counting continues in the States (where both candidates have a theoretical chance of winning) Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

Trump's campaign headquarters filed a lawsuit in the US Supreme court demanding that the ballots that arrived at the polling stations after they were closed should not be taken into account when counting votes. In addition, many lawsuits have been filed in local state courts, demanding to eliminate many violations and recount votes.

On November 7, despite the ongoing vote counting, the majority of the American media announced the winner of the presidential election of the candidate from the Democratic party of the United States Joe Biden. The leaders of Canada, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom were quick to congratulate Biden on his election victory.

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