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South Korea started issuing fines for lack of protective masks

The authorities of the Republic of Korea from Friday begin to fine citizens for the absence or incorrect wearing of masks in public places and transport. In accordance with the amendments to the law on the prevention of infectious diseases, the fine will be 100 thousand won ($95).

In addition to public transport, hospitals, and a number of other public places, wearing masks is also mandatory in workplaces with an increased risk of infection spread, such as call centers, distribution and logistics centers, indoor sports facilities, as well as during events in which more than 500 people. At the same time, the authorities generally recommend that citizens do not leave their homes at all without protection.

Only masks that contain the smallest aerosol particles are allowed for use. These include surgical masks, KF94 / KF80, and KF-AD Respiratory Masks approved by the National Food and Drug Administration.

In the absence of an approved mask, cloth and disposable masks that completely cover the mouth and nose may be used. Mesh and valve masks must not be used as they do not prevent the spread of infection. You can also not cover your face with clothes, or scarves.

Failure to properly wear a mask that does not completely cover the mouth or nose will also result in a fine. At the same time, persons under the age of 14, patients who cannot wear masks for medical reasons, or disabled people who are not able to wear a mask on their own can be exempted from liability.

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