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The results of the decade: why Tim Cook does not manage to become Jobs

The Verge: Apple will never be able to repeat the success of the iPhone

The last ten years at Apple have passed under the actual leadership of Tim Cook, who has established himself as an excellent manager. However, as The Verge portal notes, despite the good financial performance, the company has not released anything grand since the release of the iPhone 4. Why didn’t Cook compare with Steve Jobs?

The past ten years have been profitable for Apple — the company's revenue for 2019 exceeded six-fold revenue for 2009. The new Apple headquarters is ahead of the Pentagon in size, and each food division separately from the others could easily be included in the Fortune 500 rating. However, as noted by The Verge, Apple has always been particularly valuable not only in money but also in internal culture, as well as innovation, but in these areas, the company's achievements over ten years leave much to be desired.

In 2010, Steve Jobs was still at the helm of Apple, although his health continued to deteriorate rapidly. In January of that year, he introduced the iPad, which was the last product in the line of super-popular “apple” gadgets, launched back in 1998.

A year later, Jobs officially retired and died in October 2011, transferring the reins to Tim Cook, who became the new head of the company.

He had to not only monitor the income of Apple but also to stand at the origins of new blockbuster products that could compete with what appeared on the market under Steve Jobs.

The first products of the decade that Apple could be proud of were the legendary iPhone 4 and the updated MacBook Air, which were released in 2010. However, their development was still under “Jobs”, which means that Cook could not appropriate this achievement personally.

The first significant release for Tim Cook was the 2015 Apple Watch. However, until the moment when this gadget really became one of the best in its category, I had to wait two years — only the third generation of watches received the same functionality and software that users need.

In addition, under Cook, AirPods wireless headphones were launched in 2016, the design of which many competitors of the company have been trying to copy since then.

The impact and success of Apple Watch and AirPods are hard to overestimate, but they still haven’t been able to get close to the hits that appeared in the company under the direction of Steve Jobs.

Even the share of the iPad with the widespread decline in the popularity of tablets in 2019 accounted for more profit than the entire category of “wearable devices and accessories”, which includes the Apple Watch and AirPods.

At the same time, The Verge notes that in the case of headphones and watches, you cannot put all the blame on Tim Cook's shoulders — the technology industry is moving cyclically, and this decade no new breakthrough gadgets have appeared on the market either from Apple or from any other company.

However, there are several administrative decisions that Cook himself made and which have long-lasting negative consequences for the company. So, for example, the Apple CEO almost ignored the Mac division — the MacBook Air laptop that many loved was not receiving updates for five years.

In addition, it is believed that Tim Cook broke the delicate balance between designers and engineers at Apple, which Jobs was able to support.

It is possible that this was the reason for the departure from the company of the legendary designer Jonathan Quince, involved in the creation of the first iPhone.

Despite the fact that Apple is rumored to be developing augmented reality glasses and electric cars, Tim Cook no longer believes in the company's products — he relies on services, the number of which is growing every year. Apple now has its own payment system, its streaming and gaming services, its music and news portals. Not the fact that all these services will be able to stay afloat for at least a couple of years, given the great competition in the market.

So far, Apple remains the company that it was ten years ago — one of the most important and beloved by an army of fans of gadget manufacturers who have an impact not only on the industry but also on society as a whole. However, now there is no certainty whether Apple will succeed in becoming a favorite news portal or a favorite producer of TV shows. Or release a new product that in the future will be able to compare with the first iPhone or iPad.

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