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Biden has decided on the chief of staff of the White House

Ron Kline was previously an advisor to Joe Biden and coordinated the fight against Ebola in Africa.

The White House chief of staff will be Ron Kline, former chief of staff of Joe Biden. Biden announced this on Thursday, November 12.

“Ron Kline's deep and varied experience, as well as his ability to work with people of all political spectrum, is exactly what I need from a White House chief of staff when we face a crisis and reunite our country,” Biden wrote on his Twitter. ...

Kline was an advisor to Biden when he was the vice president in the administration of President Barack Obama.

In his new post, Cline is expected to be dedicated to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. He previously coordinated the Ebola outbreak in Africa.

It is known that Kline has already accepted Biden's offer.

“I am flattered by the confidence of the President-elect and will give my best to lead the talented and diverse White House-Harris team,” he tweeted.

Recall that the majority of American respondents consider Democrat Joe Biden the winner in the US presidential election, which took place a week ago.

It was also reported that Joe Biden, who declared himself the winner of the presidential elections in the United States, called the refusal of the current head of state Donald Trump to admit defeat as a shame.

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