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In Texas, the number of COVID-19 cases exceeded one million

In Texas, the number of COVID-19 cases exceeded one million

Texas became the first US state to cross the mark. California and Florida may set a similar record soon.

Texas became the first state in the United States to record more than 1 million cases of coronavirus. It was reported by Johns Hopkins University on Wednesday, November 11.

On the eve of the state revealed 10.8 thousand new cases, 94 patients died.

At the same time, California is in second place in the United States in terms of incidence with 991 thousand cases of infection. It is followed by Florida (852 thousand) and New York (536 thousand).

In total, more than 10 million cases of coronavirus infection have been registered in the United States, almost 240 thousand people have died.

As a reminder, Biden is setting up a working group on coronavirus. Biden said he plans to focus his efforts on combating COVID-19, improving citizens' well-being, and protecting the climate, and countering racism.

CureVac also announced the results of the COVID vaccine trials. The researchers say their vaccine is well tolerated and has antibody levels comparable to those found in recovering COVID-19 patients.

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