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Trump came up with a scheme to win the next election — media

The Republican Party fears Trump's usurpation of power in the political force in preparation for the next elections.

Current US President Donald Trump is working to usurp the US National Committee of the Republican Party (NKRP) to set the stage for an attempt to become president again in 2024. This statement was made on Tuesday, November 10, by CNN, citing Republican sources and Trump's advisers.

Sources of the TV channel said that the eldest son of the incumbent President Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend Kimberly Gilfoyle, who works in the Republican's campaign headquarters, intends to join the leadership of the NKRP to prepare for the next general election in the United States. Both clearly express their displeasure with the way the chairman of the governing body of the party, Ronna McDaniel, coped with her duties during the election campaign, which ended with the victory of Democrat Joseph Biden.

“Donald Jr. and Kimberly took note of the NKRP in order to capture it themselves or let their entourage do it,” one source said.

The TV company names among such close persons Raines Paribas, who previously headed the committee and then the staff of the White House employees, as well as the chairman of the Republican party in Ohio, Jane Timken.

According to NBC, Trump has confidentially voiced the idea of forming an action committee this month to set the stage for a new run for the presidency. Such committees in the United States are used to collect voluntary donations, hire political strategists, and organize various events designed to prevent voters from forgetting the name of a politician over the next four years.

There is a precedent in American history when a US president could not be re-elected but won the election four years later. Democrat Grover Cleveland lost the 1888 election to Republican Benjamin Harrison, but won the 1892 election, becoming the only US president in history with two serial numbers — 22nd and 24th.

We will remind, today Trump announced progress in the fight for the outcome of the elections. He has promised to release the progress next week.

We will remind, on November 3 in the USA general elections were held. According to the forecasts of the leading media, the Democrat Joe Biden, who has already announced this, won the presidential race.

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