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McDonald's is going to make burgers without meat

International fast-food chain McDonald's announced the development of its own plant-based meat substitute. The Daily Mail reports.

The burger containing vegan cutlets will be called McPlant. The company did not indicate in which countries it is going to prepare the novelty, noting that it depends on consumer demand.

“In the future, McPlant will expand its plant-based product line to include burger patties, chicken substitute, and sandwiches for the morning menu. We are delighted with this opportunity since it is a tried and tested product. We will offer it to our customers when they are ready for it, ” said Ian Borden, president of the international network.

McDonald's already tested vegan burgers in Canada last year. At the time, plant-based meat producer Beyond Meat was the company's partner. Based on this, many experts suggested that the fast-food chain will again start collaborating with the brand.

Previously, fast-food chain KFC announced the introduction of artificial chicken meat for vegans into its menu. According to the president of the company, Kevin Hockman, the company has already begun to study the vegetable meat market and select potential suppliers. At the same time, it is noted that the process is at an early stage and there is no need to expect a menu update in the near future.

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