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Victoria Beckham made fun of the fashionable choice of her husband

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are perhaps the most famous married couple who love to troll each other. But now they have competitors — Victoria Beckham decided to play a trick on her husband yesterday. The occasion was a new video that David Beckham shared with subscribers on the occasion of Memorial Day (it was celebrated in the UK yesterday).

Despite the serious reason, many netizens could hardly contain a smile — the reason for this was the shoes of the ex-footballer. David complimented a rather formal suit with boots with a wide bootleg. Anyone who did not have time to see them on video (the shoes were really not completely included in the frame) could enjoy the fashionable image of 45-year-old David on Victoria's Instagram without hindrance.

After the wife of Beckham, she also posted a story where she compared David with the character of the cartoon “Beauty and the Beast” Gaston, who had a pair of very similar boots.

Gaston wants his shoes back, David

— signed the collage by 46-year-old Victoria.

David did not remain in debt. He posted the same collage, albeit for a joke changed the signatures under his photo and the image of Gaston. And it seems that David already has a plan for how to repay his wife.

My wife decided to post this photo without asking me or cutting off the shoes I picked out in a hurry at the last minute. Revenge will be sweet, Victoria

Beckham threatened.

Well, the blogs of the spouses, who have been married for 21 years, seem to be worth watching especially closely in the near future: we will probably have a second round of this fashionable battle.

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