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Trump wants to “remove” a special report

The Judicial Committee of the House of Representatives released a report on the impeachment of President Donald Trump. Voting will take place on Wednesday, but the Republicans will not give him a move.

In fact, both parties rallied as much as possible on two sides: the Democrats are against the president, the Republicans are in favor, and any deviations from the general line are punishable by ostracism. Bill Clinton once said in a similar situation for himself: “I want the American people to know and Congress to know: I sincerely apologize for everything that I did wrong — both in words and in deeds.”

After 21 years, Donald Trump spoke about the procedure as follows: “This is all a lie. All this should not be allowed at all, it is very bad for our country. I looked at the Democrats and the committee — they just made themselves fools. “

The document itself consists of 658 pages. In fact, it says that “President Trump has embodied the worst nightmare of the founding fathers. He abused his right to put pressure on a vulnerable foreign state and force him to corrupt the next presidential election by subversive work against a political opponent and support for a conspiracy theory promoted by our opponent — Russia. ”

In the same place, President Trump is accused of attempting to obstruct justice: “Other presidents recognized their obligation under these conditions to provide information to Congress. The ignorance is shown by Trump, on the contrary, is categorical, comprehensive and unprecedented. ”

In fact, the report accuses Trump of his actions “jeopardizing the security, democracy and constitutional order of our country if he is allowed to remain in office. This threat is not hypothetical.” Democrats have expressed their position in the main body, but in the section “Minority Opinions” on 18 pages sets out an alternative point of view. “The president did not abuse his right, which was given to him by the American people, and did not impede the activities of Congress ... and the meager amount of data referred to by the majority is an insult to the constitutional impeachment process, which will have very adverse consequences for future presidents,” they write authors of a separate section.

It is assumed that December 18 will be a vote of the full House of Representatives, where half are Democrats. That is, the announcement of impeachment can be considered almost guaranteed. But then the issue will fall under the jurisdiction of the Senate, which will consider the case on the merits in January.

Two-thirds of the votes needed for a guilty verdict: Republicans occupy more than half of the seats, and therefore an acquittal can also be considered almost inevitable. It is not safe to vote against a party position — for example, Democrat Jeff van Drew, who actively opposed impeachment, was ostracized and immediately lost six assistants. According to CNN sources, he is already considering the option of moving to the Republican Party.

“This thing will go to the Senate and it will disappear very quickly — I will do everything I can to make it disappear faster,” said Republican Lindsey Graham, chairman of the upper house's judicial committee. The same CNN journalists reported that the process of attracting witnesses would damage the reputation of the head of state before the 2020 presidential election. Trump, in general, doesn’t care: “I’ll do as they want, it’s not so important. I’m not against the long process, I would like to hear the whistle-blower, who, by the way, is a fraud, to be forced to speak during the Senate hearings”.

As Twitter personal lawyer Donald Trump Rudolf Giuliani wrote on Twitter, the investigation revealed that associates of the previous president, Democrat Barack Obama, were probably involved in extortion, corruption, money laundering and conspiracy with Ukraine. What is particularly interesting, Ukrainian prosecutors Viktor Shokin and Yuriy Lutsenko are ready to submit documents confirming the fact of money laundering by Burisma.

In fact, at the center of the scandal is Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden, former US vice president and current rival Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. The impeachment of Trump materialized as a response to his request in a conversation with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to investigate corruption in the country and the activities of Biden in Ukraine.

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