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Media: Melania Trump is going to file for divorce from Donald Trump

Melania Trump prepares to file for divorce from now ex-President Donald Trump

Melania Trump is looking forward to filing for a divorce from Donald Trump, who is losing his presidency. The former first lady will soon also become the ex-wife of the ex-president of America.

Such conclusions were made by Omarosa Manigault-Newman, who was once an assistant to Trump. She claims that the 15-year union of Melania and Donald has come to an end, writes the Daily Mail.

“Melania is counting down the minutes before he leaves the office so that she can finally get a divorce,” the assistant is sure.

She added that nothing will stop Melania now that Trump is no longer president.

“This woman will divorce him faster than you can say: Goodbye, dear!” — says Omarosa Manigault-Newman.

President-elect Joe Biden prepares to take office on January 20 after a so-called “transition period.”

And although 74-year-old Donald Trump claimed that they never fought with Melania, it was often difficult for the first lady to play the role of a loving and devoted wife in public. Repeatedly there were moments in the video when Melania pulled out her hand or smiled tightly at her husband.

Experts say that when Donald Trump became president in 2016, Melania was in no hurry to move to the White House from New York. While the first lady attributed this to the fact that their son Barron needed to finish the school year, sources say it's not that simple. She allegedly bargained for a more lucrative marriage contract and agreed to move to Washington only five months later, when Donald conceded.

Melania's former senior advisor, Stephanie Volkoff, who wrote Melania and Me, claims that the couple has long slept in separate bedrooms. And their marriage is of a purely business nature.

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