Powerful tornadoes hit the south of the USA: dozens of houses were destroyed, there were victims (VIDEO)

Dozens of tornadoes hit Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama

In settlements, more than a hundred houses were damaged and destroyed, many trees were felled, and power supply was interrupted. At least three people became victims of the disaster, reports The Weather Channel.

The state of Louisiana suffered the most, in some areas of which a state of emergency was declared. Tornadoes damaged the congregations of Rapids, Vernon, Webster, and Beauregard. A 59-year-old woman died in Vernon County. A funnel has destroyed her mobile home, CNN reports.

Two more people died in the town of Town Creek, which is located in Lawrence County, Alabama. A married couple was discovered outside the home. A seven-year-old boy was found with them, he was taken to the hospital. In this village, three more residents were injured, their severity is not specified.

In Mississippi, tornadoes swept through the counties of Lee, Hinds, Amit, and Marion. A large number of injured are registered in the city of Colombia. “At present, we are just happy that no casualties have been reported,” said local police chief Michael Kelly. According to him, rescuers conduct a secondary inspection of the destroyed buildings.

At peak weather, more than 60 thousand houses were left without light in the affected areas.

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