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In the US, the media announced the victory of Joe Biden

Reporters named the 46th President of the United States. According to the media, Democrat Joe Biden became him.

American mainstream media — ABC News, CNN, AP, and NBC — announced the victory of Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the US presidential election.

According to press reports, Biden will overtake the incumbent US President Donald Trump in Pennsylvania, which will provide him with 31 electoral votes and, accordingly, a victory in the election.

“After four long tense days, we have reached a historic moment in this election. Now we can predict the winner of the presidential race. Joseph Biden Jr. is elected the 46th President of the United States,” said CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer.

He added: “We can make this prediction because according to CNN, Biden is winning in Pennsylvania.”

Meanwhile, the official vote count is still ongoing.

Let us remind you that the presidential elections were held in the USA on November 3. The Americans decided who would take the 46th chair of the White House — the current President Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

Earlier it was reported that Biden will make an appeal to US citizens

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