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Dozens of fatalities: storm Eta hits Central America

Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama have become the target of storm Eta, one of the strongest that hit Central America in many years. Dozens of people died.

Euronews reports.

Nicaragua was the first place where the storm broke. It knocked down trees, power lines and caused severe flooding.

Then the elements swept over neighboring Honduras. Because of the flooding, dozens of settlements were blocked. Their residents are waiting for evacuation on the rooftops. All roads in the disaster area have been destroyed. The authorities do not have enough funds for rescue operations. The situation is close to critical.

The most devastating blow of the elements was taken by the small Guatemalan village of Quiche in the north of the country. There, according to authorities, the landslide covered half of the houses. The people who were in them were trapped in death.

As you know, at the time of the collapse on the Caribbean coast “Eta” was a category 4 hurricane. Then he weakened to a tropical depression but did not lose his destructive power. It is now slowly moving towards the Gulf of Mexico and is forecast to reach Cuba early next week.

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