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Trump: Biden can't talk about winning while litigation continues

The current US President Donald Trump said that his opponent Joe Biden cannot talk about his victory until the court proceedings are over.

Trump wrote about this on Twitter.

“Joe Biden should not improperly make claims for the presidency. I could also make the same claim. The legal process is only starting now,” Trump said.

He stressed that at the end of election night, he was in the lead in all states where the count is now taking place.

Recall that some advisers to US President Donald Trump consider his defeat in the election a matter of course, therefore they are trying to distance themselves from the head of state out of a sense of self-preservation since the results in Pennsylvania and Georgia show that he will not be re-elected.

By the way, Trump's team began to collect evidence of election violations.

It was also reported that the Republican's headquarters refused to believe in Biden's victory in Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, so they announced Trump's re-election in the elections.

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