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In Greece, the fine “for the mask” rises to 300 euros

The Greek authorities continue to tighten quarantine restrictions, and now the fine for the absence of a protective mask, which must already be used everywhere when moving, has been increased from 150 to 300 euros.

This was stated by the Deputy Minister for the Protection of Citizens Nikos Hardalias, who is responsible for eliminating the consequences of crisis situations. According to him, the fines for non-compliance with the rules established for the period of general quarantine, introduced from November 7 to 30, are doubled.

“Thus, individuals who do not comply with the mandatory use of a mask [both indoors and outdoors], the requirement to maintain a distance and other rules of movement according to the SMS messages they send [about the purpose of leaving the house] will now be fined 300 euros for each violation [instead of 150 euros earlier], “said Hardalias.

According to him, enterprises that continue to work in violation of the government decision will be fined 5,000 euros for each violation, and individuals responsible for their work will be fined 3,000 euros.

We will remind, the Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis said that the nationwide quarantine will operate from 7 to 30 November. And in order to leave the house, citizens will have to receive a special SMS message.

We also recall that from November 3, Greece introduced additional restrictions: a night curfew on movement and the closure of restaurants and bars in the most densely populated areas of the country.

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