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Apple Developers Will Begin Telling Users What Data They Collect From Dec 8

Apple app developers will be required to provide users with information about the data they collect from December 8th. This was reported on the company's website.

There will be special shortcuts in the App Store, which will display information about what data the application will access if the user installs it.

The Verge compares the label to a store label that indicates the ingredients of a product. The publication notes that such tags will allow users to get an idea of what the application is before downloading it to the device.

Apple Developers Will Begin Telling Users What Data They Collect From Dec 8

Developers will also be required to update information on the types of data collected on a regular basis.

At the same time, applications may not disclose data if they meet the following requirements: they are not used to track the user's location and for advertising, their collection is irregular and optional, the user himself has granted permission to use them in the application interface.

The introduction of “shortcuts” will cause developers to lose access to the IDFA (Apple Device Identifier for Advertising and Analytics Attribution) by default. They will have to ask users for permission.

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