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Election Commission calls on Trump to stop “lying” about electoral fraud

The US President was told that the spread of conspiracy theories about elections would not change their outcome.

US President Donald Trump has been called upon to stop spreading false counting claims. This was announced on Friday, November 6, by a member of the US Federal Election Commission Ellen Weintrobe on Twitter.

“Enough, Mr. President. Spreading conspiracy theories about elections will not change their outcome. Your lies undermine our democracy and damage our country,” Weintraub wrote.

She also added that after the end of voting, all votes will be counted.

Before that, several senior representatives of the US Republican Party criticized Trump's statements about fraud in the current election.

Earlier, Trump said he was winning with record numbers if only legal votes were counted, and he spoke of “massive violations.”

The broadcast of this speech by Trump was cut off by US television channels, after which the presenters noted that the president's statements were “unsubstantiated” and were “an absolute lie.”

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