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US Post did not manage to deliver more than 150 thousand ballots

More than 12,000 of these ballots are in five states where the winner has yet to be named.

The US Postal Service was unable to deliver more than 150,000 ballots to polling stations before the end of the presidential vote. The department provided the relevant documents to the court, reports on Friday, November 6, The Washington Post, citing the department's data.

According to the newspaper, more than 12 thousand of these ballots are in five states, where the name of the winner has not yet been determined.

Ballots delivered after election day may either be counted or invalid depending on the laws of the particular state.

For example, in Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, ballots received after November 3 will be counted because the postmarks are from Election Day.

At the same time, in Arizona and Georgia, the delayed ballots are not taken into account when counting votes.

On Thursday, Donald Trump urged to stop the counting of votes and not to count ballots received by mail after polling stations closed.

Earlier, a Michigan state court dismissed a claim from Donald Trump's headquarters. Representatives of the US President demanded to suspend the counting of votes cast in person and sent by mail during the presidential elections.

Earlier it was reported that ballots will be accepted in Nevada for another week. Nevada is one of the key states in the current US presidential election.

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