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Biden overtook Trump in Georgia

State Georgia, with 16 electors, last supported a Democratic candidate in 1992.

US presidential candidate Joe Biden overtook Donald Trump in-state Georgia. It was reported by CNN on Friday, November 6.

The state finishes counting the votes cast by mail. Now 99% of the ballots have been processed and at the last moment, Biden overtook Trump by 900 votes, with each of the candidates having almost 2.5 million votes in state Georgia.

State Georgia has 16 electors. To be elected to the presidency, it is necessary to gain 270 electoral votes. According to CNN, Biden now has 253 electoral votes, excluding Georgia's electors.

Note that the state has not supported the Democratic nominee since 1992.

Biden overtook Trump in Georgia

Trump spoke at the White House on Thursday after nearly a day and a half away from the public. After the statement, in which he accused his opponents in the presidential elections of violations and fraud, he did not answer journalists' questions. When he finished speaking, Trump immediately left the briefing room, despite questions from the press.

The winner of the presidential election is still unknown in the United States, and the vote count continues.

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