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Pentagon chief Mark Esper prepared a letter of resignation

The head of the US Department of Defense Mark Esper has prepared a letter of resignation of his own free will. This was reported on Thursday by NBC television, citing three sources in the Pentagon.

The final decision on the resignation of the Secretary of Defense remains with the current US President Donald Trump, NBC specifies. According to her, the intention of the current head of the Pentagon is primarily due to Trump's plans to fire him after the general elections, which were previously reported by sources in the American administration.

In early August, Bloomberg reported that Trump was considering removing Esper from the office if he won the election. At the same time, as noted by one of the sources of the agency, Esper himself informed those close to him that he intends to resign regardless of the election result.

In June, NBC reported that Trump was considering immediately dismissing Esper over the controversy over protests in the United States following the death of African American George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. At the same time, as indicated by the sources of the TV company, the President of the United States abandoned this idea, since he did not want to authorize the reshuffle in the government before the elections. The White House then said that the Pentagon chief did not lose Trump's confidence.

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