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US elections: Nevada will accept ballots for another week

The Clark County Vote Registration Office is “unaware” of the ballot irregularities in the US presidential election.

A key Las Vegas county in the disputed US state of Nevada will receive votes until November 12. This was announced by the head of the registration of voters for Clark County Joe Gloria on Thursday, November 5.

“We have until November 12 before (the end) of entering ballots into the system,” Gloria said at a press conference.

According to him, the issue will also be studied whether there was a double vote — when ballots are received by mail, the system will check whether this voter has voted twice.

At the same time, Gloria said that he “knew nothing” about violations with the ballots.

Recall that Nevada is one of the key states in the current presidential elections in the United States. So far, 76% of the votes have been counted here. At the moment, Democrat Joe Biden is in the lead with 49.4% versus 48.5% for Republican Donald Trump. Six electoral votes from Nevada could bring a final victory for Biden.

Earlier, Trump demanded to stop the vote count. It continues to this day, as 100 million voters voted by mail due to the coronavirus epidemic in the country.

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